Our high heels with integrated footbed were developed in 5 years of development work by orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Peter Baum and his son Christof.

The supporting elements are positioned so that the foot no longer slips forward. The weight is distributed more evenly in the shoe and the load on the forefoot is reduced by up to 50%.

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Power women like Marlene Lufen, Barbara Schöneberger and Franziska Knuppe already swear by it: high shoes that combine German quality and French design. Modern yet timeless, light yet sturdy. For all those who do not want to compromise.

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Patented BAUM™ insole and medical expertise: high shoes can be this comfortable

A high heel stretches the leg, makes a great feminine figure and makes you look elegant - this is even scientifically proven! For example, in 2012, researchers Morris, White, Morrison and Fisher found in a study that the higher the shoes, the more attractive and feminine women feel. If only there weren't those backaches and blisters! As a result, many women think twice before buying beautiful high heels or opting for the less spectacular flat shoes. However, Maison Baum proves that comfortable high heels are also available and takes the decision off your hands. Say goodbye to painful high heels and just enjoy the moment with the comfortable designer shoes from Maison Baum.

Comfortable high shoes from Maison Baum optimally relieve the forefoot

Maison Baum has equipped all the high heels in its own range with a insole that was developed over five years together with the orthopaedic surgeon Dr Peter Baum. The insole ensures an optimal distribution of weight so that the otherwise usual punctual strain of high heels is eliminated. The footbed has several supporting elements. These are divided in such a way that the foot does not slide forward when walking. Thus, the load on the forefoot can be reduced by up to 50 percent by the ladies high shoes. So not only do you look great in your high heels, but you can comfortably walk around town or to your next meeting. Simply less back pain and hours of comfort.

Freedom with timeless design in the High Heels Shop

They are sexy, they are elegant and they are comfortable. The new high heels from Maison Baum come in many trendy colors and combine timeless style with elegant shapes and a whole new level of comfort. Whether in everyday life, for a romantic date or at the wedding - at least one pair of high heels in the wardrobe is a must for all style-conscious ladies! With their timeless, elegant design, the high heels by Maison Baum make every outfit perfect: casual jeans today, the short black dress tomorrow, and as a wedding guest on Saturday, a noble dress. The patented insole lets you walk on clouds. Give your back and feet a little relief.